Frequently Asked Questions 


Please feel free to email me regarding any further questions or concerns you have.  


Russian Volume vs Classic lashes 


Classic lash extensions use 1 strand of fiber (faux mink) to adhere to a natural lash giving length and thickness to the individual lash.  This is ideal for people with naturally full lashes but want the added length or curl.  The thickness available for classic lashes are 0.15mm and 0.2mm and various curls. 


Russian Volume lashes are fine and soft silk fibers used to adhere from 2 to 6 fibers in a hand created fan to each natural lash.  The weight of the volume lashes are so light that a 6D fan is equivalent to 1 strand of 0.2mm faux mink.

Russian volumes cost more due to the technique used to apply and the time taken (up to 4 hours) along with the high grade silk fibers used.  


Makeup brands used 


Sarah uses quality brands that she has tried and tested over the years.  These brands include:

MAC, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Element 2, Gorgeous Cosmetics, Nars, Viseart, Hourglass, Chanel, Face Atelier, Erin Bigg, Smashbox, Cinema Secrets, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Maybelline, Loreal, Lime Crime, Ben Nye, Temptu, Eve Pearl. 


What is airbrushing?


Airbrushing makeup is similar to spray tanning except using a fine silicone or water based foundation through a gentler airbrush system.  This is then apply gently to the face as foundation and feels like a soft mist of water on your skin.  It increases the longevity of makeup so is ideal for brides who need to have their makeup on for up to 12 hours or longer.  The finish of airbrushing makes the skin look flawless and gives a full coverage, however may cause people with oily skin to become shiny throughout the day- therefore a translucent powder is ideal to have as touch up throughout the day. 


What if I have sensitive skin?


Please let Sarah know prior to application if you have sensitive skin or if you have any skin allergies.  A makeup trial is ideal to ensure that the products used does not cause any allergies or irritate sensitive skin.  Some options for sensitive skinned people are water based foundations, sensitive formular mascara and  eyeliner, avoiding high alcohol containing makeup such as setting spray and eyeliner or mascara.